Our story

Adriana (Loli) and Nick(Nico), met during an incredibly stressful time in their lives. They weren’t looking for a relationship, but they ended up discovering a deep love for each other. The rest has been history in the making. The word is, Adriana noticed Nick first because of his spectacular smile and infectious laugh. But what really happened, is that Nick and Adriana met while working together on a tradeshow in Houston – she tried to boss him around but realized it simply wasn’t going to work. They exchanged information after the show ended and continued their acquaintance through emails and phone calls. 

Adriana would soon visit Nick in Las Vegas and Nick would travel to Mexico City to enjoy the best tacos in the world!

 The relationship grew into a long-distance game of “catch-a -flight”, until one day, they decided that saying goodbye at the airport Terminal was just too painful. Every “goodbye” made them more aware of the love that they shared. 

Eventually, Adriana and Nick decided that the next step would be for her to move to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

So, with one final plane ride, 6 bags of luggage, and 2 extra dogs in tow; Adriana and Nick began their future together in Las Vegas. It’s now time to share their love with family and friends, as they venture into their next great trip together – marriage. 

We hope to share our journey with you all!

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